Cybersecurity is at the top of the priority list for many K-12 schools and school districts —making it vitally important for school leaders to realize that protecting campuses, students, and families from cyberattacks extends beyond the IT department.

While appointing someone to oversee cybersecurity makes sense, effective and sustainable risk mitigation requires a cross-functional cybersecurity team—including the board, school leadership, legal and insurance representatives, privileged data users, and technology staff.

Simply put, it takes a village to keep schools, families, and students safe from cyber threats. Join STS EDUCATION for this interactive virtual workshop where we will explore cybersecurity risk management best practices for K-12 schools and districts, including:

  • Ensuring the right roles and departments are part of your cybersecurity team
  • Utilizing a framework developed for schools by experts in school technology, cybersecurity technology, insurance, and law to assess risk
  • Working together as a team to identify and address the areas of highest risk
  • Periodically reviewing what additional work needs to be done to protect your school or district
David Hubbard

David is currently the IT Solutions Engineer for STS EDUCATION. Before joining STS, he spent 13 years at Conejo Valley Unified School District (Thousand Oaks, CA), serving as their IT & Network Engineer.

Shandor Simon

Shandor, the former Director of Technology at The Latin School of Chicago, possesses a strong understanding of both technology and education as evidenced by more than 25 years of experience managing a wide range of K-12 technology initiatives. Currently, he serves as the Director of Technology at Beaver Country Day School in the Boston area.